‘Personalisation Falls Short’ 18/7/13 (8pm BST)

7 07 2013

The first article to discuss is available free here . It is called “Personalisation Falls Short” and was published by British Journal of Social Work 2012 (1-17).

It raises some of the issues of the discrepancies between the ideal and promise of ‘personalisation’ and the practical experiences.


The questions that we will consider is:-

What is ‘personalisation’”? Does the definition in the article work? What would we add/take away? Can we define personalisation in 2 tweets? (there’s a challenge!)

Does this article reflect people’s experiences in practice?

How does the ‘market’ or ‘quasi-market’ affect the practice of personalisation? Do you have any examples from practice (obviously with awareness of confidentiality)?  Where has it worked? Where has it ‘not worked’?

Is Personalisation doomed in a period of cuts? Where does the hope for change lie? How can we, as social workers, affect it?

Is there anything we can do from frontline practice to make ‘things better’?


These are questions off the top of my head but if you have better ones or more interesting ones, add them in the comments. The week of the discussion, I’ll add some more thoughts about the article but go away and read and join me on the 18th July!




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