“The Governance of Adult Safeguarding” A Social Work Journal Club chat 8/12/13 8pm GMT

24 11 2013

For next week’s Social Work Journal Club Chat, I’ve chosen this article “The Governance of Adult Safeguarding : Findings from Research” Braye, Orr and Preston-Shoot (2012) from the Journal of Adult Protection. I’ll write up a brief introduction during the week  but have a look at it in the meantime in its entirety as  I think it can lead to a very fertile discussion regarding the conclusions and the way adult safeguarding is set up in England and Wales. I’d welcome views and opinions from elsewhere, particularly a Scottish perspective as I don’t really have any understanding of Scottish legislation (sorry!) and the differences. The chat will be on Twitter on the hashtag #swjcchat and feel free to follow @swjcchat which is the Twitter account I’m devoting to these chats.

I think we can also broaden out some of the discussion to a general understanding of where adult safeguarding is and where it might go with the new Care Bill traversing through Parliament. If you have any initial thoughts though that you want to take forward, feel free to leave comments.


EDIT : Due to my own workload management issues, I’m going to have to postpone this by a week and it’ll be the last chat before Xmas!. apologies.






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