What is the Social Work Journal Club?

7 07 2013

I’ve been a social worker for well over a decade now and realise that we have to take responsibility for our own learning when we move away from the dusky, shimmering ivory towers of academia and move into practice.

Social media, and particularly, blogs and twitter offer us new opportunities to converse and discuss issues as they affect us as practising social workers and social care professionals and people who use the services we provide and care for people who use the services we provide. We have so many more opportunities to learn from each other and our different perspectives that it seems a shame not to utilise this fully.

My idea, copying hideously from other similar chats, is to find an article with a social work/social care interest – it might be in an academic journal or a news article or a policy document and to shape a ‘club’ around discussing it, initially every fortnight but that will be decided if anyone else decides to join me!

I don’t want to ‘own’ this but will run the first couple of chats and use this blog to introduce the articles and write about them. Then I hope that it can be a ‘revolving’ choice in the style of a book club. I want to aim at inclusivity and am aware that the best ideas are ‘out there’ so please let me know what you think and if you have any thoughts and ideas for how it could work.

My only ‘rule’ regarding articles discussed is that they must be open access/free to everyone – not everyone has the luxury of Athens access so that’s a really important thing for me.

So that’s what it’s about. It might work – it might not work – but it’ll be a new journey for me and I hope some of you will be able to join me!